Australian Women in London

Australian Women London seeks to:

1. Support and champion Australian women

Australian women are entrepreneurial by nature. We've planned, dreamed and hatched big ideas from our farms, cities and communities across Australia. Many women travel to London to realise their dreams. This platform is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate our successes.

2. Share stories of success to embolden

Every woman needs networks and role models to urge her on. Share your story and join our community now.  You can make a positive difference in the lives of others. 

3. Build an inclusive community

We feature women from all industry sectors and networks.  We recognise that women move between different careers and we can all learn from - and support -  each other. 

4. Recognise our diverse talent and experience

Many Australian women - both visitors and expats - have generously shared their thoughts and wisdom.  Their words help other women achieve their goals. 

5. Connect back to Australian women at home 

Travel presents huge opportunities for women in terms of their personal, creative and career ambitions. We encourage other Australian women to make a journey - of their own choosing - so they can reap the rewards from pushing boundaries and accessing new experiences. 

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Julia Griffin

Londoner, coach and trainer.

Julia is a leadership coach, speaker and trainer with a passion for supporting people and communities to claim their moment in time.

Julia supports women in their quest to use travel opportunities to progress their careers, lives and happiness. 


"I grew up in East Gippsland, country Victoria, and then lived in Melbourne as a teenager and young adult.  I moved to London nearly 15 years ago and I've called it home ever since.Thankfully, I have ongoing connections with both countries.

My global community has enriched my life which is why I am keen to see others equally supported.

I love the coffee shops of Melbourne, the internationality of Darwin, the coastline of NSW and the still beauty of Uluru at first light. 

I miss the Yarra River, the Murray River and the Snowy. 

There is nothing more beautiful than riding a bike through Sydney whilst listening to cicadas sing in the surrounding trees. 

I adore London for its seasons, history and culture -  the Christmas Lights adorning Regent Street, the free galleries and museums and the endless talks, tours and experiences.  

A cosy evening in a pub overlooking one of London's many canals should never be missed.

 London is the perfect city for business and pleasure.

I am grateful for all the support I've received in London and  I'd like to give something back. 

This space supports Australian women in London by celebrating ourselves, sharing our journey and acknowledging our achievements."

Julia Griffin