About Julia Griffin

I grew up in East Gippsland, country Victoria, and then lived in Melbourne as a teenager and young adult.  I moved to London nearly 15 years ago and I've called it home ever since. Thankfully, I have ongoing connections with both countries. 


Julia from Australian Women London





Writer, speaker, coach and trainer. Julia has a  passion for empowering individuals and communities to claim their moment in time. 


I love the coffee shops of Melbourne, the internationality of Darwin, the coastline of NSW and the still beauty of Uluru at first light. I miss the Yarra River, the Murray River and the Snowy. There is nothing more beautiful than riding a bike through Fitzroy whilst listening to the cicadas sing in the surrounding trees. 


I adore London for its seasons, history and culture including the Christmas Lights around Regent Street, the countless free galleries and museums and the endless talks, tours and experiences.  A cosy evening in a pub overlooking one of London's many canals should never be missed.  

Australian Women

Australian women are entrepreneurial by nature. We've planned, dreamed and hatched big ideas from our farms, cities, country towns and communities across Australia. Many women now incorporate travel to London to realise their dreams and I hope this blog will be useful to them.

Julia Griffin

Australian Women London