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Me? I moved to London nearly 15 years ago and I've called it home ever since. Luckily, I have ongoing connections with both countries which are ever sustaining and I am grateful for their support. (You know who you are!) I raise a family here. I work as a coach both globally and also locally in London. I know that success in London requires support, networks and visibility.

The London arts scene nourishes my spirit and its parks and gardens provide endless joy. I’m proud to live in a country that has marriage equality and JK Rowling! A cosy evening in a pub overlooking one of London's many canals should never be missed. London really IS the perfect city for business and pleasure.

London is not always easy. Australian women juggle career, housing, travel or family demands along with other Londoners. However, many of us don’t have the established school, community or family networks on which to draw strength and practical support. It’s tough going at times and you dig deep to stay afloat. Community is key.


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