All in London

Dr Paola A. Magni: a Forensic Biologist visting London for FameLab International

Dr Paola A. Magni is a forensic biologist who investigates crimes, writes scripts for the Italian version of CSI, is a scuba instructor, and is a researcher and senior lecturer at Perth's Murdoch University. She also represented Australia at FameLab International, a major science communication competition held in Cheltham. I caught up with Paola to find out more about this extraordinary woman.

Courtney Ireland: London and The Great Big Walk

Many Australian women seek work in the charity and philanthropic sectors here in the UK and London. Courtney Ireland is one such woman. Since moving to London and the UK she has built a great career and undertaken an epic challenge as part of The Great Big Walk - an idea from the Eden Project which saw 14 walkers cover 1,400 miles to shine a light on community projects across the UK.  

Buzz McCarthy and the Australian Women's Club

Earlier this week I met with the energetic and aptly named Buzz McCarthy in a South Kensington cafe to talk about the Australian Women's Club. Buzz is a dynamic expat Australian writer, Doctor of Psychoneurology, trainer and entrepreneur. She is full of energy and enthusiasm for Australia and London and is President of the Australian Women's Club In London.

Bush Heritage in London

Jody and Chris tell an against-all-odds story of how Bush Heritage created a network of Australian conservation reserves the size of Southern England. The talk will also include a curated display of historical Australian artefacts from the RGS-IBG Collection including rare maps, journals and photographs. 

Lillie O'Brien and Jam

As a customer, you know you are purchasing quality ingredients which are sourced in thoughtful and ethical ways and lovingly prepared.  Hold a jar of jam in your hand and you see deep colours and real fruit. Flavours are embellished by the likes of cardamon, bay leaves,  loganberries, rose geranium or lemon verbena:  royalty spices and herbs in the condiment world.  

Australian Impressionists

It's always a great source of pride when you see Australian art exhibited in the UK. My own grandfather, Murray Griffin, was an Australian artist and I spent my formative years visiting galleries with him and learning about Australian art history. Now I can re-visit famous works from my youth at Trafalgar Square.